Exotic superfoods harvested from the Alaska wilderness slow the aging process.

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      Fireweed Epilobium angustifolium

      This bold fuchsia blossom is rich in vitamins and minerals. A natural astringent and soothing moisturizer, this flower produces dyes and honey and is traditionally used to calm, polish and brighten skin.

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      Crowberry Empetrum nigrum

      Harvested in the autumn, this sturdy berry is rich in essential fatty acids; traditionally used to heal cuts and burns and help defend skin from environmental stresses by delaying pollutant-aging damage.

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      Arctic Sage/Wormwood Artemisia artica

      A pure plant with a powerful healing history that is sought for its aromatic essential oil and potent/restorative properties to help maintain, restore, moisturize and balance skin.

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      Alaska Glacier Water

      Pristine and clean, Alaska’s glacier water is some of the purest on earth. This refined raw glacier water surpasses normal drinking water standards by 500 percent. Oxygen rich with naturally occurring high alkalinity, its nature’s way of helping you fight the effects of acidity.

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      Salmon Oil

      Rich in Omega-3’s, Alaska’s wild salmon have provided Arctic peoples with youthful and vigorous results for centuries. This highly refined salmon oil is rich in essential fatty acids, and was carefully selected to round out our nutrient profile to enhance this superfood diet for your skin.



Slow the aging process and nourish your skin with a combination of the most exotic superfoods the Alaska wilderness has to offer.


Scientists say the brighter the color of the berries the better they protect your skin from sun damage. The easiest way to judge the effectiveness of an antioxidant is by its color, and if you’ve ever been to Alaska, you’ve seen the vivid shades painting the landscape during the season that never sleeps.

With 20 plus hours of sunlight every day, Alaska’s vegetation needs to be strong to survive, but the sunlight also allows it to thrive and grow into vitamin-rich plants. Antioxidant enriched foods protect against the aging process by speeding up cell reproduction, which can help erase fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. The antioxidants in the Arctic are unlike any other; studies have shown the ingredients in ArXotica’s products contain some of the most powerful anti-aging qualities available.

The Science

The science behind the success of our products.


ArXotica’s ethnobotanical, laboratory, cosmetic chemistry and dermatology studies have verified the extraordinary properties found in the wild harvested plant foods. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) measures the total antioxidant power of foods and other substances; the more brightly-colored a fruit and vegetable indicates its ability to protect against sun damage. Using high-ORAC fruits and vegetables help slow the oxidative damage and aging process in the body, skin and brain. Antioxidants of plant origin help protect, renew and regenerate damaged cells.

Extracts are key ingredients to any skincare formulation; and how they are produced is critical. ArXotica’s low temperature processing keep extracts in the skincare line as potent as if they were freshly picked from the earth. Independent laboratory analysis verified that the triple blend oleoresin extracts are antimicrobial, rich in both vitamins A and C and contain nearly a dozen different skin friendly minerals. The crowberry alone contains 13 kinds of anthocyanins — higher than the other nine major berry species.

Take a look at the colors of ArXotica’s ingredients and imagine this: if brightly-colored berries and greens hold the key to nourishing our bodies, boosting immune systems and preventing the effects of age and sun damage, imagine what ArXotica’s superfood topical application can do for your body’s largest organ, your skin.